Fairland Park update


Redevelopment: The re-development of Fairland Park has been completed. It will open to the public 7th/8th June. This is designed to allow the new grass areas time to establish. Yes, we do need some rain!

Fairland Park is looking fantastic, newly landscaped and with lots of new play equipment and fancy park furniture installed. Dare you to try the new skate rail ! – the only one in Haringey.

Opening Event: this is planned for Sunday July 18th. More details to follow.

3 responses to “Fairland Park update

  1. The play area is looking fantastic… I bet the kids can’t wait to have a go on all the new equipment. I’m sure this will be a well-used local asset!

    We’ve linked to this piece on our blogging site – and used one of the pictures – I hope that’s ok.

    It’s always so great to see how the money get’s invested… well done!

  2. Nisha, use of the image is absolutely fine.

    The park is looking fantastic and is causing a real buzz locally. Opening up to the public 8th June. Opening Party in July. 🙂

  3. You can find the post here: http://blog.community-spaces.org.uk/2010/05/fairland-play-park-in-hornsey-opens/

    Hope you can take 5 minutes to leave a comment/tell your story…

    Thank you.

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