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Fairland Park update


Redevelopment: The re-development of Fairland Park has been completed. It will open to the public 7th/8th June. This is designed to allow the new grass areas time to establish. Yes, we do need some rain!

Fairland Park is looking fantastic, newly landscaped and with lots of new play equipment and fancy park furniture installed. Dare you to try the new skate rail ! – the only one in Haringey.

Opening Event: this is planned for Sunday July 18th. More details to follow.


Daffodils and alien objects

Fantastic array of daffodils in the park helped by a lot of bulb planting last year;

Joined by some other rather strange objects that have popped up lately;


And fancy furniture;

Landscaping is coming along well.  The central area in the foreground of this photo will have the artist’s work installed (see design in post below);

But of course the daffodils are the most beautiful of all.

Art space for Fairland Park

Paula & Sheenagh are the artists who have been commissioned to produce the artwork for the park’s central area. It will be 12 sq metres of Portland stone, some sand stone and mosaic.

Below is a sketch outline incorporating ideas from local residents who came along to the ‘Design’ workshop, held at North Harringay Primary in February.

Click on the image for more detail.

Below are a selection of images from both the ‘Design’ & ‘Make’ workshops.

Design …

And make …

Colourful mosaics made at today’s workshop, which will become part of the larger piece being created by Paula & Sheenagh over in their Bow studio.

It’s a muddy affair!

Pictures above taken a couple of weeks back but show the extent of the hard re-landscaping going on at Fairland Park. English Landscapes are managing the project.

Thankfully they have had better weather recently and so have been able to continue apace putting in the edgings for the new pathways, re-laying the ball court foundation and moving a lot of soil around as part of the re-landscaping!

They are about 5 weeks into a 10 week project.

Park re-development starts February

Good news. Fairland Park re-development starts this February. The works will run for 10 weeks. The charity Groundwork will continue to manage these works and have commissioned a company (with the council) to install the play equipment, park furniture and some landscaping.

An art feature has also been commissioned. The artists are running two workshops to which people within the local community can get involved with the design. 

The artists aim To produce a circular paving feature for the park based on the design of a compass rose that will depict the history and current diverse makeup of the area and will also point to places of importance to local residents. The piece will be situated centrally in the new park and is to be made up of stone slabs in Portland Limestone (cream) and Sandstone (golden brown). Some of the stone will be inlaid with mosaic – vitreous glass or pottery shards and others will be carved in low-level relief. A golden line of mosaic will flow across the design.’

Artist workshops

Here are the workshop details;

Design workshop – Saturday 23rd January 10am-1pm at North Harringay School

 1. Tell us the word/script for HOME in your language.

 2. Bring ideas and images of the history of the area

 E.g Old Harringay House, strawberry fields, hay, hunting scenes, building, trains, green fields and trees, WW2 bombs, people moving in from different parts of the world, photos of the motifs on your house………

 3. Thoughts and images of the present area – what activities and places are important to you?

 What bits of the new park will be important. Play areas, nature, dog walking, picnic seating?

 4. Ceramic shards – Please bring broken/cracked pottery or tiles, which could have been dug up from your garden or just collected – as much as possible in any colour or pattern. These can be incorporated as mosaic pieces into the final design.

 Make workshop –Saturday 13th March 10am-1pm at North Harringay School

 1. Help make the piece by having a go at carving the stone and laying the mosaic tiles.

Please also bring more ceramics to use!

 See this post  for the design layout for the park re-development. Note, some details have changed with the play equipment and it’s location but the layout is generally the same.

Goodbye to the cabins.


The council officer says … demolition to proceed.

The council officer in charge of the demolition of the Log Cabins, Robert Farrell told me Friday that the demolition of the cabins will proceed this coming week, from Monday 21st May. He has given permission for this to be made public. The electrics were decommissioned on the 16th May. The demolition should take no longer than 2-3 weeks. The logs are being recycled by the council according to Mr Farrell.

After demolition is complete the area will be grassed and some park furniture installed, according to Dasos, our area Community Development council officer.