Fairland Park – the WWII connection



V-1 Flying Bomb – images taken at Muckleburgh Military Collection, North Norfolk

The V-1 Flying Bomb,  with the characteristic buzzing sound which gave rise to the colloquial names “buzz bomb” or “doodlebug” was unleashed by the Nazis on London from the French coast June 1944, one week after D-Day.

One month later (10th July, just after 3pm) a V-1 bomb ran out of fuel over Harringay and fell to earth rapidly.  It landed among housing located between Falkland & Fairfax Rds (N8). The destruction was significant with up to 30 houses destroyed. The Hornsey Historical Society have recently produced a book called Home Fires which documents where all V1 and V2 bombs fell within Hornsey.

Once the war was over it was decided to install prefabricated housing on the site, nineteen in total. For example;

By 1978 Haringey Council decided the prefabs were no longer needed. After consultation with local residents it was decided to create a green space. Today this is known as Fairland Park.

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