Minutes FFFOS general meeting

Friends of Fairfax/Falkland Open Space (FFFOS)

Minutes meeting Sunday 11th February at 11am

Matt Burge, Chair FFFOS
M. O’Dean, resident Falkland Road
Eileen O’Dwyer, Falkland Road Neighbourhood Watch
Mark Thorpe, resident Falkland Road
Deborah Peacock, resident Allison Road
Adam Coffman, Fairfax Road residents’ organisation
Susanna Taylor, secretary FFFOS

1. Update on works

Report from the working group meeting with the Council

Adam had been to the meeting where the Council had been well represented with six councillors present.

The Council had confirmed that Log cabins will be demolished end of March 2007. The concrete will be taken up and the surface grassed over. A power point and a water point will be put in the ground. New lighting has already been installed along the path at the eastern side of the park.

The Council was planning to take away the internal fencing at the eastern side of the park during the demolition work. The fence will be stored and put up again at a later stage.

The Council did not seem to have any plans or budget for further works in the park due to a lack of information about what the community wants.

All in all it had been a very disappointing meeting with no new information from the Council. It had also been rather bizarre that the Council claimed to have no information on what the community wanted despite having had a community consultation day on the future of the open space in October 2006 and a number of meetings with various interest groups.

Action: The meeting decided to send a letter to Councillor for the Environment, Brian Haley opposing the plans to take away the internal fencing as this would make the park less safe for children and increase the risk of dog messing and littering.

Action: Chase up minutes/ information on the outcome of the October consultation day and follow up on the need for further meetings/consultation to ensure that the Council has all the information needed to draw up proper plans and a budget.

2.Open space information

The meeting agreed that it would be useful to have a notice board where e.g. meetings could be announced. We should ask for money from the Council.

Adam is setting up a website for the Ladder area which could be used for information about the Open Space.

Nuisance to residents

Mr. M. O’Dean, whose property borders the Open Space, told how the activities in the park cause residents a lot of nuisance including broken windows, ruined fences (due to children climbing over to collect balls), subsidence from the trees, graffiti and noise.

Mr O’Dean wished for the park to be better supervised. He suggested that CCTV was installed and that a sign saying no ball games after 7.30 pm was put up.

The meeting also discussed the hedge between the ball court and Falkland Road. If the hedge came down it would improve the security but some Falkland Road residents rely on the hedge to reduce the noise from the ball court.

There will be an Area Assembly Meeting on 5 March 2007 where these issues could be brought up.

3. Funding

It is possible to apply for funding through the Council’s ‘Making the Difference’ grants scheme. Bids have to be in by 16th March 2007. All the different groups with an interest in the Open Space should put in bids.

Action: Matt to apply for funding of play equipment and park furniture on behalf of FFFOS. Adam to get more leaflets to hand out to potential bidders.

4.Spring event

The spring event will be on Saturday 24th March 2007 at 10.30 am provided that this will not clash with the demolition work. An alternative date was set to 21st April 2007. There will be an Easter Egg Hunt, tea and cakes, seed planting and face painting.

– Adam to check when demolition will take place and if there will be a power point installed.
– Event posters (Matt and Deborah)
– send e-mails and post event info on web space (Matt and Adam)
– Press release (Adam)
– Eggs (Eileen)
– Seeds, pots and compost (Susanna)
– Ask for cake donations via e-mail

4. Any other business

It was agreed that Sunday was not a good meeting day because it may make it difficult to for those who wish to attend church to come to the meeting.

The next meeting will be held on Saturday 10 March at 9.30am at the Falkland Centre, North Harringay Primary School.

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