Reply from Councillor Brian Haley

The following letter has been received from Councillor Brian Haley in reply to our concerns over the removal of the internal fencing within the open space. It’s a bit wordy so I’ve highlighted the main points!;

Thank you for your letter dated 14 February 2007.

The issue of removing the railings surrounding the Log Cabins was raised and discussed at the last meeting of the Working Group held on 29 January 2007. The Working Group agreed to remove the railings with the proviso that if there was evidence to suggest that the railings, after the Log Cabins had been removed, were required they would be replaced and that in the meantime the railings would be safely stored away.

This decision was taken on the basis that the Working Party will be working towards developing a phased programme of works to up grade the open space and with the removal of the railings this would have provided more options in the future design and use of this space.

I have now discussed the issues you have raised with Cllr Adamou the Chair of the Working Group, and appropriate officers of the Council. It has been confirmed that the demolition of the Log Cabins can proceed without the removal of the railings albeit that some may have to be temporarily removed for access to the site and then replaced. In view of this, both I and Councillor Adamou have agreed not remove the railings as part of the demolition of the Log Cabins.

I have to point out that, if it is proposed to move or remove the railings at a future date, the cost of this will have to be found from any future resources made available.

As you know the public consultation held in October last year was organised following meetings of the Working Group which first met on 10 August 2006. The public meeting held in October was to give the wider community an opportunity to feed back to the Council their views about the future use of the open space.

The Working Group is the appropriate body to discuss the details of any proposals for the open space and the principle of the demolition of the Log Cabins was agreed by the Working Group and sanctioned at a meeting of the Area Assembly in November 2006.

Further public consultations will of course take place as the programme for improvements are developed however, it is impracticable to consult the wider community on matters of detail and it is clear that the Working Group is the appointed body to discuss such matters and therefore, I cannot accept that the appropriate consultation had not taken place in respect of the demolition of the Log Cabins including the details regarding the fencing.

I again confirm that there are no proposals to sell this open space for the purposes of Housing Development and I am surprised that residents still refer to unfounded statements being made rather than the assurances I have already given at the Working Group and the Area Assembly.

I hope that this addresses the issues you have raised and my understanding is that the demolition will take place before the end of this financial year.


Councillor Brian Haley

Executive Member for Environment and Conservation

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