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Daffodils and alien objects

Fantastic array of daffodils in the park helped by a lot of bulb planting last year;

Joined by some other rather strange objects that have popped up lately;


And fancy furniture;

Landscaping is coming along well.  The central area in the foreground of this photo will have the artist’s work installed (see design in post below);

But of course the daffodils are the most beautiful of all.


It’s a muddy affair!

Pictures above taken a couple of weeks back but show the extent of the hard re-landscaping going on at Fairland Park. English Landscapes are managing the project.

Thankfully they have had better weather recently and so have been able to continue apace putting in the edgings for the new pathways, re-laying the ball court foundation and moving a lot of soil around as part of the re-landscaping!

They are about 5 weeks into a 10 week project.