June update

Open to the public

Fairland Park opened up to the public this week after months of being closed for the re-development works. I’m pleased to say it has been packed out all week. Feedback has been very positive.

Green Flag

We also had an inspection of the park by Green Flag  judges. They were very impressed with what they saw and believe the criteria for a Green Flag award have been met. These awards will be officially announced in July.

Update July: as expected Fairland Park has indeed won a Green Flag, which now sits upon a flag pole within the park. Well done to all who contributed in this effort and there are many of you!

How the park re-development was funded.

The cost of the re-development was approx £270,000. Of this the Friends Group raised £85,000 ( from Community Spaces  and London Marathon Charitable Trust) ; the council contributed £150,000 and Groundwork London raised £35,000.

Summer Party/Opening Event

We have our annual Summer Party on July 18th, 12pm-4:30pm. Here we will also celebrate our new park with an Opening Event at 3pm where two local children will cut the ribbon. We look forward to seeing you all. We will be funding various activities for the party. More details will follow shortly.

A little history

For those of you not familiar with the significant changes to this park I think the following images sum this up well!

This was taken in 2007. The building was known as the Log Cabins and was used by Hornsey Ridge Playgroup and Hornsey Ridge After School Club. When the building was condemned a consultation was held by the council to find out what should be done with the building. Eventually it was decided to demolish it.

As part of the above consultation a Working Group was set up by the council, consisting of various stakeholders within the community. When the decision to demolish the Log Cabins had been made the Friends Group asked that the Working Group not be disbanded and instead focus on re-developing the open space, as it was then known.

Many meetings later, a detailed consultation process and a plan for the site on the table and with successful funding bids, the work was finally able to begin February 2010. The results speak for themselves. We now have a wonderful little green space for our community here in Harringay.

3 responses to “June update

  1. As a resident of Falkland Road, we are thrilled with the redevelopment of Fairland Park and would like to extend congratulations to everyone involved. It looks amazing and the play areas are perfect. However, we would like to know if there any plans afoot to have the park gates locked in the evenings, to keep out unwelcome visitors? Since the relaunch, there have been disturbances very late into the evenings, sometimes until 3am, with people hanging around making lots of noise. It would be such a shame if these were to blight what has been a wonderful regeneration of the space.

  2. Hi Michelle

    The council has a couple of employees whose job it is to go around the whole borough opening all parks AM and again at the end of the day locking them up. It maybe that some people are simply jumping the railings at night to enter the park. They are low level after all.

    If there is a disturbance you would need to ring the police on their non-emergency number; 0300 123 1212

    If the gates haven’t been locked by nightfall then please let us know and we’ll get onto the parks dept.

  3. Thanks for the prompt reply Matt. It has been quiet the past two evenings so maybe the gates have been locked now. But in future if there are any problems, we’ll call that number.

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