Consultation – new design layout for the Open Space.

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The above design layout has been provided by the environment charity, Groundwork who have been working with the Open Space Working Group. The design is for consultation so if you have any thoughts regarding the above please do leave your thoughts by clicking on the ‘Comments‘ below.

There will be other opportunities to put forward your ideas/views; bulb planting at the space this Saturday 9:30-11:30am and at North Harringay Primary. Other consultation events tba.

To be able to enlarge the image please click on the image above and then click on it again once it has loaded.

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9 responses to “Consultation – new design layout for the Open Space.

  1. A noticeboard could be positioned near to the main entrance describing how the park was created in the 1940’s.Out of the ashes of the bomb comes beauty.Consult Hornsey Historical Society for details and other salient local facts of interest. This board provides community updates on what’s happening with local events etc. Also I think a canopy(modern lightweight non obtrusive elegant ) should be included to provide some shelter from heavy showers enabling users to stay in the park until these subside. This canopy could be integrated with some simple seating provision below.Trees and plants could have identifying tags though these could be included within the noticeboard.

  2. Thanks Paul. I’ll pass these on to Groundwork.

  3. That’s interestiung Paul. I hadn’t realised that the space had been created by a bomb. If anyone knows more about it, it would be of interest to the members of the local Harringay website at

  4. There were Nissan huts installed after the war. I believe they were there for some time.

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