Internal fencing.

The following letter has been sent to councillor for the environment, Brian Haley (by email & hard copy – which has been signed). This action was agreed at the recent FFFOS meeting (minutes to be posted).

Dear Brian Haley,

We wish to urgently communicate that we do not want the council to take away the internal fence of the Falkland/Fairfax open space, at the east edge of the space, going from the ball court to Fairfax Rd.

There are three main reasons for this:

• There would be a significant health and safety issue with young children wandering directly from the open space area onto the street. A good example of this would be down by the play roundabout, which is only a few metres from the road.

• It would increase the already antisocial problem of dog owners letting their dogs foul the area. Currently the play area is separated from another area of the open space to which most dog owners use.

There has been a lack of consultation on this decision, which we think is unacceptable. As a specific issue this was not spoken about in the consultation day at the end of 2006.

We would like an urgent response to the above points.

Whilst writing, we also want to draw your attention to the fact that one of the workmen who was installing new lights to the open space this week, took upon himself to tell a resident that the open space is earmarked for housing development. We assume this is misinformation as you have yourself publicly denied this possibility, but we ask that you put this in writing to ourselves that housing development is not allowed upon this open space land.


Matt Burge

Chair of the Friends of Falkland/Fairfax Open Space (FFFOS) &
Member of the Falkland/Fairfax Open Space Working Group

Adam Coffman

Member of Fairfax Residents Association &
Member of the Falkland/Fairfax Open Space Working Group &
Committee member of FFFOS

Eileen Odwyer

Chair of Falkland Rd Neighbourhood Watch &
Member of the Falkland/Fairfax Open Space Working Group

cc Also emailed to;

Carolyn Baker, Dasos Maliotis, Gina Adamou, Karen Alexander, Paul Formosa.

One response to “Internal fencing.

  1. Update;

    Dasos Maliotis has emailed me to let us know that he will be talking to Councillor Brian Haley, Gina Adamou & other council officers regarding the above letter and will get back to us soon. 🙂

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