Demolition works

On Monday there was a Open Space Strategy Group meeting with council officers and councillors. The main points to come out of this regarding the demolition works are as follows;

a. Log cabins will be removed by the end of March.
b. This area will be prepared for grassing over.
c. Some Make the difference monies will be used for planting in this demolition area & some new furniture provided (e.g picnic tables)
d. The internal railings are to be removed & stored, taking advantage of current demolition monies. Those that agreed to this motion/idea thought it would help to open up the space & allow greater scope with re-designing the layout of the space later. The railings could be used elsewhere within the space once everyone has agreed to a new layout.
e. An electricity and water point will be provided. Useful for events, as asked for by FFFOS.

The next meeting is in March and will include first discussions on a new layout for the space and what this could include. It will be a ‘phased’ development as and when monies are available.

If you have any thoughts/questions on the above please comment here or contact Adam or Matt. Dasos & Paul Formosa at the Community Development team can also be contacted via ph.84890000. They are helping with the phased works.

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